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City University Time Location
Beijing 北京大学 2018/9/20 18:30-20:30 化学楼A204报告厅
Shanghai 城市宣讲会 2018/10/13 14:30-16:30 上海陶氏中心
Nanjing 南京工业大学
TBD 创新大楼A506报告厅
Guangzhou 华南理工大学
TBD 逸夫人文馆报告厅(本部)
Chengdu 四川大学(望江校区) TBD 就业指导中心201
Hangzhou 浙江大学(玉泉校区) TBD 永谦活动中心小剧场


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    2019 Dow Grand City Talk in Shanghai

    Oct 13 2018 | Shanghai Dow Center

    Dow Grand City Talk for 2019 Campus Program will be held in the afternoon of Oct.13th. You will have the chance to visit Shanghai Dow Center and immersively experience Dow environment. During the talk, senior leaders and young alumni from each function of Dow will share their own Dow Reaction stories and give you a clear idea of what Dow is and where the opportunities are. What’s more, you will have opportunities to directly show the best you yourself in front of the leaders and win green pass which accelerates your application directly to interview stage.

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