Why Choose Dow?

A Job You Can Believe In

It is not just about working for a living; it is about knowing that you are working as part of a team to improve daily living at its core. Dow people know that they make a difference, no matter what their individual roles are.

Our mission — to constantly improve what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology — encourages Dow employees to see their work through the eyes of the real world. By focusing on how our work can advance human progress, we are motivated to make a fundamental difference to people's lives and to never tell a customer it can't be done.

For example:

We are not simply in the business of supplying resins for food wrap; We are in the business of ensuring a safe food supply.

We are not just producing ion exchange systems and chelating agents; We are making tap water safe and salt water drinkable.

We are not just making chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry; We are helping people to live longer and healthier lives.

We are not just making plastics for cars; We are making cars lighter, stronger, safer and more fuel-efficient.


Dow enables employees to live vibrant lives which fuels satisfaction, growth and the success of both the individual and Dow’s global family.



You believe in delivering your very best on the job every day and you want to be compensated accordingly to your performance. We share your work ethics and believe that compensation should be tied to your performance and the overall success of the company. This is why Dow has established a pay-for-performance compensation approach that rewards you according to your contributions.

We also believe top talents at Dow should earn top tier compensations. Dow consistently ranks among top paying employers in each market where we operate.
Comprehensive Benefits

Dow offers attractive benefits packages which typically include the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Lifet insurance
  • Disability coverage
  • Retirement plans
  • Business travel insurance
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Generous vacation and holidays While benefits vary by country, our programs rank among those offered by top multinational companies doing business in the places where we operate.


At Dow, we believe in letting you know we have noticed your good work and showing our appreciation for your contributions.

To make it easy to say "thank you" regularly and meaningfully across the miles, we have established a web-based Recognition@Dow tool, available 24/7 for use by all employees to recognize their colleagues' day-to-day contributions as well as milestone results.

The highest level of this recognition program is the Diamond Keepsake Award which rewards an outstanding employee — with a cash bonus equal to 30 percent of his/her monthly pay — for extraordinary personal initiative and impact on our company or our customers.

Dow's other employee recognition programs include a number of performance and service awards.

In addition, our prestigious GENESIS Award recognizes Dow people for fostering the development and career growth of their colleagues.


Dow's success depends on the skills and knowledge you bring to the workplace. To ensure you are always in the forefront in your respective fields, we encourage continuous learning — in classrooms, on assignment or on the web.

We also support informal learning through mentoring relationships or participation in employee networks.

In addition, our tuition refund policy allows you to pursue continuing education that aligns with your personal development and the company's needs.

Dow also invests in a robust Leadership Development Program which provides you with the opportunities to hone your leadership skills and apply new insights in leading the Dow team to success.